Global Technology Center

A recipe for innovation

Our global technology center is where science, passion, and art unite to create exciting new flavor combinations, added nutrition and improved taste – all to provide people with food they love.

Based at our home office in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the center embodies Schreiber’s commitment to dairy innovation and food technology. It provides a diverse set of laboratories and resources that are among the best in the world. Here are just a few of the things that make our global technology center an exciting place to be:

  • The chefs in our culinary center work with our customers to develop new menu items with maximum appeal – both globally and in regional markets.
  • Our food research scientists hold taste panels at our ultramodern sensory lab to ensure we’re creating new food offerings that appeal to a broad range of consumers.
  • Food scientists in our R&D lab conduct research to help our customers bring new food items to store shelves and restaurant menus.
  • Our creative team designs safe, eco-friendly and eye-catching packaging for our food.
  • Our pilot plant uses the latest international food technologies to help us bring our new, innovative ideas to life.

Not many people spend an afternoon analyzing how well cheese melts. But at our culinary center, it’s all part of the job.

In our kitchens, chefs and food research scientists work with our customers to develop new menu ideas based on our insights of the latest trends. We also examine factors like a food’s ability to maintain freshness, how it holds up at various temperatures and a lot more.

This type of work is our passion. We’re here to help through the entire culinary process – from the initial idea for a new food offering to food testing to delivery on store shelves to use in restaurants or somebody’s kitchen. This is one way that we remain an essential ingredient in our customers’ success.

Any great cook will tell you it’s not easy to make food look, smell, taste and FEEL delicious all at the same time. But at Schreiber’s sensory center, that’s our goal.

In our three modern kitchens and food sensory lab, our food scientists explore different tastes, textures and more to ensure our food enhances the flavor of dishes made in restaurants and home kitchens worldwide. As part of our food sensory evaluation, we invite consumers to sample our food and tell us what they like – and don’t like – about the appearance, flavor, texture and other sensations.

By ensuring the food we make appeals to a broad range of consumer tastes, we help drive our customers’ success.

Our food scientists constantly explore ways to provide better food to people around the world. Our modern food research labs give us the perfect place to find those better solutions, so we can help our customers bring high-quality foods to store shelves, restaurants and home kitchens everywhere. We work together with our customers to evaluate food for fat, protein, salt, sugar and other ingredients, using advanced food-analysis tools.

From determining moisture level to peak quality, our food research labs help us deliver delicious dairy favorites to people worldwide.

The art of packaging involves more than protecting the food we make. Eye-level shelves at supermarkets are premium, and dozens of brands contend for consumers’ attention. Our team works with customers to develop dairy packaging that’s attractive, practical and impactful.

In addition to creating eye-catching designs, our team works to develop milk, cheese and other dairy packaging that’s friendly to our earth. For example, we were the first in the U.S. to shrink shredded-cheese packaging by 10 percent while keeping the same amount of cheese in the bag. This new package size – now the standard – is an innovative way we’re helping to preserve our earth for generations to come. As an added benefit, it also frees up valuable space on store shelves for our customers.

How do you provide new food ideas for customers to try and at the same time keep enough current dairy favorites available for people to enjoy? With our pilot plants in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Noblejas, Spain.

By mirroring our food technology on a smaller scale, our pilot plants enable us to provide our customers with innovative solutions to help them succeed. Whether it’s creating exciting new food combinations for a menu or adjusting ingredients to provide even more appealing dairy favorites, our food pilot plants enable us to quickly present customers with samples they can taste.

Why is this important? It shortens the time it takes to go from idea to sample to an interesting new dairy offering that people can enjoy.