E-94, MIDC, Bhigwan Road, Baramati, Maharashtra 413133, India +91 2112 662 700

By Indian standards, Baramati (pronounced bah-rah-MAH-tee), India, is a small city — just 150,000 residents. It’s a safe, clean, peaceful community that offers educational facilities typically found only in larger communities. In fact, Baramati has become a prominent educational center in India.

Most residents of Baramati are involved in agriculture. The main crops grown near the city are sugar cane, wheat, cotton and grapes, which are used to produce export-quality wine.

The capital of the district, Pune, is just a 90-minute drive. That city is known to have been in existence since A.D. 900 and is a cultural hub for enthusiasts of classical music, drama and literature.

  • What’s here: Cheese, yogurt, powders, shelf-stable juice and milk, cheese making
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