Cléry le Petit

2 Grande Rue, 55110 Cléry le Petit, France +00 33 03 29 74 82 00

Just a three-hour drive from Paris, Cléry le Petit is a small village in the Meuse department in Grand Est in northeastern France. It’s located not far from Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. The region – known as the land of the Mirabelle plum and vins gris wine – boasts a rich natural, cultural and culinary heritage. Plains and plateaux, the Meuse valley, forests of the Argonne massif and Lorraine Regional Nature Park – along with the historic World War I memorial sites of Verdun – are among the places of interest in the Meuse. 

  • What’s here: Natural cheese
  • Part of Schreiber since 2017

Nous avons fait un long chemin depuis 1945. Nous sommes fiers de nos valeurs d’intégrité et restons fidèles à notre engagement de faire ce qu’il faut en toutes circonstances.