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Located in northern India, just 11 kilometers from Pakistan, Fazilka is also known as Bangla. It’s one of the major rice exporting centers in India with very hot summers and very cold winters.

It’s in the state of Punjab, where agriculture is the primary driver of the economy. Punjab is the leading producer of wheat in India, providing nearly two thirds of all the country’s food grains and a third of the nation’s milk. 

The state also has the best infrastructure in India with roads, rail, air and river transportation throughout the region.

Fazilka is part of one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. The people celebrate many religious and seasonal festivals, as well as numerous anniversary celebrations. Expressing happiness through dance is a typical feature of the festivities.

If you plan to visit Fazilka, don’t plan on missing any meals. The legendary warmth and hospitality of the people ensures that anybody passing through this land will leave well fed.

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