Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

You don’t have to be one of to stand with

A mural leading into the heart of our home office represents our desire to welcome and embrace everyone. You’ll notice logos for each of our business resource groups. These partner-led groups are helping us create a culture where everyone feels included and safe to bring their uniqueness to Schreiber.

Our focus goes beyond creating a safe and enriching space for partners to work. It’s about acknowledging that difficult conversations belong in the workplace. It’s about educating our partners on how to support their loved ones. It’s about approaching problems differently than we have in the past. It’s about leading inclusively through difficult moments.

It’s about every single person being able to say, “I see a place for myself here.” Watch the video to learn about our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion 

Together we can do great things

Our 10,000-plus partners come from many different parts of the world, which means every workday is an opportunity to learn from each other. 

Connecting with partners who share similar backgrounds and experiences – and learning from those who don’t – is important to us. Our partners have led the effort with the launch of several resource groups that help us better support each other and broaden our awareness of other cultures, perspectives and points of view. Here’s a quick look at our partner-led groups:

Black Business Network

Our Black Business Network supports, encourage and develops Black partners in their personal and professional lives. The group also celebrates their culture with other partners and communicates some of the challenges they face to increase awareness and understanding.

For example, during Black History Month, they hosted a Black mental health talk, organized a clothing drive for local African American resource centers and held a charity fundraiser while giving partners a delicious taste of Trinidad local dishes. 

They’ve also developed a resource for Black partners moving to one of our locations. Here’s an example of the Green Book developed for those moving to the Green Bay area. 


EMERGE focuses on engaging and developing emerging talent within the Schreiber workforce. 

Their mission: to enhance the experience for emerging talent within Schreiber by creating engagement and development opportunities to improve partner retention and attract new talent.


ENABLED provides opportunities for people with diverse abilities and unique needs by educating our partners, cultivating a support network, and advocating for a welcoming culture that is inclusive of people with differences.

The group has provided guest speakers who have covered topics like teen mental health, they’ve organized volunteer activities at an organization that supports kids with special needs, they’ve provided meditation tips, calming resources, accessibility resources and much more. 


MOSAIC encourages our partners around the world to get to know each other, understand and celebrate our differences, and support each other to help grow our careers and Schreiber’s business.

Leveraging and Inspiring
Female Talent (LIFT)

Leveraging and Inspiring Female Talent (LIFT) works to make Schreiber a great place for women to work by providing the support, encouragement and development they need to advance in their careers.


Our PRIDE group supports and empowers partners to be themselves at work, no matter who they are or who they love. 

They’ve led us in providing a parent support network, adding optional pronouns to our badges and business cards, understanding the Pride movement and much more. 


Our VETS group provides support to partners serving in the military, as well as veterans and their families.

They’re serving meals at a local veterans manor, raising money for nonprofits that support veterans, sending care packages to our partners currently deployed … and much more. 

We have a lot to celebrate

  • 2023: IDFA’s inaugural Workplace of the Year award
  • 2023: Top Women In Store Brands DEI Company of the Year award
  • 2023: Named one of the 50 best companies to work for in Spain out of more than 80,000 companies
  • 2023: Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Workflex Award from the Wisconsin Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • 2023: Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Award from the Green Bay chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • 2023: Recognition from U.S. Department of Defense for providing scheduling flexibility for our team members serving in the armed forces 
  • 2020: Diversity Best Practices’ Inclusion Index Company

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Our teams around the world struck the #EmbraceEquity pose as we celebrated International Women’s Day. Equity is about making sure everyone has what they need to be successful, and that’s not always the same thing for everyone. 

Let’s do good together

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