Schreiber Foods Foundation

Through the Schreiber Foods Foundation, we strengthen our community by awarding grants to charitable organizations that address basic needs. We focus our philanthropic support in the areas of food, housing and education.

We’ve put together some resources to help your nonprofit organization through the application process.

Please review the Giving Criteria & Overview document, along with the grants and sponsorships application questions to ensure you have all the information you need to proceed.

After you review these resources, you’ll be all set to apply.

A rumbling tummy usually isn’t a good thing when it comes to learning. That’s why there was concern when a lack of funding meant one of Howe Community Resource’s most valuable programs was at risk of getting cut – the snack program that feeds more than 300 students an early afternoon snack.

That’s when Schreiber stepped in and awarded Howe with a grant through the Schreiber Foundation to fund the snack program for the entire school year.

Thousands of campers and youth with disabilities are enjoying a much-needed new dining space at Camp Barnabas in Purdy, Missouri, thanks to a grant from the Schreiber Foods Foundation.

As the camp has grown throughout the years, the dining hall could no longer efficiently serve the needs of campers and staff.

“With people in wheelchairs, it does get crowded,” said Cristal Mrosko, Camp Barnabas. “When you think about people who have a lot of sensory overload, the way the old building was set up got a little bit overwhelming. 

The Schreiber Foods Foundation awarded Camp Barnabas a grant that helped build much-needed dining space.

There are vending machines that dispense snacks, earbuds and even beauty products … so why not a vending machine that dispenses books?

The Richland Center Primary School had a vision to get books into more kids’ hands. Thanks to the Schreiber Foods Foundation, that dream has become reality. 

The Wisconsin school received a Schreiber grant that provided money for a book vending machine. The vending machine is used as a reward system to celebrate students’ birthdays, positive behaviors and helpful choices with a free book.

Elizabeth Clark’s grandson experiences absentee seizures, which make it difficult for him to connect with other people. The horses at Reins of Rhythm have given him confidence and courage, especially when it comes to reading. This is made possible in part by a grant from the Schreiber Foods Foundation.

“We use a curriculum called Horse Powered Reading, which is a registered curriculum that two of us have been trained in to inspire and enrich education, reading, literacy and math,” said Ruth Gunnett, Community Outreach Coordinator for Reins of Rhythm We couldn’t stick to our mission if we didn’t have the support of Schreiber.”

She’s not a typical class pet. She sleeps on a bed of straw and drinks the equivalent of a bathtub of water a day. Bella is a Holstein calf, and she’s part of the Center for Dairy Excellence’s Adopt-a-Cow program funded by a grant from the Schreiber Foundation.

Through the Adopt-a-Cow program, a Pennsylvania classroom adopted Bella, who lives about 10 miles from the school on a dairy farm. The classroom has pictures and facts posted on the wall so the kids can follow along the life of Bella and learn how she’s taken care of on the farm.

The Adopt-a-Cow program teaches dairy concepts, while also incorporating reading, writing, science and math. And thanks to private donations and grant opportunities, the program is free for every teacher in all 50 U.S. states.