Schreiber Foundation

Through the Schreiber Foundation, we strengthen our community by awarding grants to charitable organizations that address basic needs. We focus our philanthropic support in areas of food, housing and education.

We’ve put together some resources to help your nonprofit organization through the application process.

Please review the Giving Criteria & Overview document, along with the grants and sponsorships application questions to ensure you have all the information you need to proceed.

After you review these resources, you’ll be all set to apply.

After several years and thousands of hours of excavating, cleaning, planning, 3D printing and assembling, Henry the triceratops is finally standing tall at the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.

It wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of one of our Missouri team members, Daniel. The Schreiber Foods Foundation also awarded the museum a grant to create a new space dedicated to education.

Doing good through food®

Together, Schreiber and the Schreiber Foods Foundation provide support to charitable organizations and programs that address food insecurity and basic needs in our communities.

As a leader in the food industry, we’re excited to be able to give back beyond funding so we can maximize our impact and do good through food.