IDFA recognizes Schreiber’s food safety leadership

January 25, 2023

The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) has awarded Schreiber with its IDFA Food Safety Leadership Award. 

Schreiber was recognized for its contributions and leadership in research, industry engagement, and sharing best practices for the benefit of the entire dairy industry.

“The Schreiber team prioritizes improving food safety throughout the dairy industry,” said John Allan, IDFA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and International Standards. “Their contributions have helped the industry develop fermentation risk assessments for yogurt and cream cheese, understand how to better reduce mold on cheese, develop rapid pathogen testing for a number of products and processes and much more.”

“What a great recognition of the work our food safety team does tirelessly to protect consumers and customers and ensure safe food for everyone who enjoys dairy products,” said Staci Richardson, Enterprise FSQ Systems & Europe/Asia Director.